Mermaids of Venice

Novel Front Cover

8. Götterdammerüng

On the morning of Bernard's birthday every news station buzzed with reports that Venice had sunk into the ocean.

Oceanographers, seismologists, and anyone with a few letters after their name jockeyed for camera time with eager reporters. When it became clear that no one had a satisfactory explanation, all decided to save face by passing the blame onto other fields.

The seismologists blamed the oceanographers. The oceanographers blamed the architects. The architects retaliated and blamed the oceanographers, but the oceanographers called no tag-backs. The architects tried to blame the seismologists but got flustered and blamed the epistemologists, who turned around and blamed the ontologists. The ontologists blamed the tautologists. The tautologists blamed the tautologists. Eschatologists blamed everybody. Everybody blamed the scientologists. The scientologists blamed the Church, and the Church blamed the General State of Corruption and Decay in European Values.

The General State of Corruption and Decay in European Values wasn't available for comment.