About the Author

Speak No Evil

Silas Knight (b. 1977) is a graduate of the internationally renowned Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre and received his Bachelor's degree in Dance Theater from Humboldt State University.

He has worked as a computer technician, gas jockey, internet model, special needs caregiver, circus teacher, B-movie actor, bookkeeper, dancer, director, theater reviewer, and chai brewer.

In 2002, he began his first of two summers traveling across Europe as a street performer. He juggled axes, breathed fire, performed partner acrobatics, walked across broken glass, and stuffed his body through a tennis racket.

Mermaids of Venice is his first novel. He's begun theorycrafting his next project, Incestopolis, a sci-fi adventure starring a young woman searching for love in a future where she's related to 90% of the population. He hopes to have it completed before the monkey apocalypse.

He lives in Eureka, California with his wife and partner, who thankfully get along quite well together. Their first child, Ronin, was born July 23, 2012.

Waterfall Balance